Detour [noun]

Definition of Detour:

indirect course

Opposite/Antonyms of Detour:


Sentence/Example of Detour:

Sure, an IPO is usually regarded as a road to riches, but there’s many a speed bump, detour, and dead-end on that hoped-for path to bundles of cash — especially in the presently buoyant ad tech land.

So Mankiewicz’s decision to target Hearst was shocking, and the explanation for it requires a detour into Mankiewicz’s long and winding biography.

She said a detour was set up around the area, but traffic was backed up for about three miles.

If you’re planning on attending or booking a separate trip, keep these adventure detours in mind.

In order to see why, we need to take a brief detour through the philosophy of mathematics.

Leaving the main road a detour of a few miles enabled us to visit Crowland Abbey shortly before reaching Peterborough.

Had we known of this at the time, a short detour would have taken us through its quaint streets.

The much-desired inn soon appeared, but, to the surprise of Gorenflot, Chicot caused him to make a detour and pass round the back.

Three armed with Winchesters made a long detour and dropped quietly into the sage-brush just beyond accurate pistol-range.

The enemy opened fire without delay, so the Yeomanry had to make a wide detour.