Flaw [noun]

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An investigation by ProPublica and the Bay City News Foundation discovered flaws in the State Personnel Board investigation that led to her dismissal.

That means the bill has to be taken seriously even if it has flaws, says Berin Szoka, the founder and president of the thinktank TechFreedom.

The platform isn’t without its flaws and Smalls understands that, said executive creative director Veronica del Rosario.

Diamonds are made by Mother Nature, of course, so internal flaws are common, but many are too small to be seen by the naked eye.

The hackers were hunting for, and finding, previously unknown flaws, known as zero-day vulnerabilities.

Car insurance startup MetroMile said it has fixed a security flaw on its website that allowed a hacker to obtain driver’s license numbers.

The security flaw resides in the Secure Mobile Access 100 series, SonicWall said in an advisory updated on Monday.

It is important to reckon with the flaws in this vision of public utility.

In response to questions about the flaws with VAMS, a Deloitte spokesperson sent a statement that the company was proud to support the vaccine campaign and “help end the covid-19 pandemic so that our families and communities can recover and thrive.”

The Oversight Board has been structured to deal with individual posts, rather than the systemic flaws of Facebook.