Asymmetry [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Asymmetry:

Another feature of interest which first becomes apparent during this stage is the asymmetry of the germinal disc.

The size and shape of the head, its malformations and asymmetry, may be measured with a fair amount of success.

The southern slopes are snow-clad, the northern are snow-free—in harmony with the line of asymmetry.

There was slight asymmetry of the face, due to flattening on the right side; there was no perceptible lack of cranial symmetry.

Another time, after listening to a reprimand from the headmaster, he twitted that learned man with the asymmetry of his neckcloth.

A complete cure ensued, but from that time a certain degree of facial asymmetry was remarked.

The first of these is that this much-talked-of asymmetry may be nothing other than inferior or careless artistic work.

The asymmetry due to divergence is observed from two norms, the facial and the occipital.

But a slight asymmetry may fail to be detected either by measurements (trago-mental diameters) or by inspection.

From this follows a certain asymmetry of the two groups, which we must bear in mind.