Volume [noun]

Definition of Volume:

capacity, measure of capacity

Synonyms of Volume:

Opposite/Antonyms of Volume:

Sentence/Example of Volume:

It is like closing a volume of Ossian and opening the pages of Theocritus.

Such discussion would have no proper place in a volume of this kind.

Lady Delacour opened the book, which was a volume of Marmontel's Tales.

And as she spoke, she took up a volume of plays which lay upon the table.

Virginia started from her reverie, but held the volume fast.

Nevertheless the Southern fire was great in volume and accuracy.

The fire of both sides suddenly doubled and tripled in volume.

The second volume of the songs I mentioned to you in my last is published to-day.

How are you, my dear friend, and how comes on your fifth volume?

The present volume is written in a similar spirit, as it has been similar in its origin.