Aggregate [adjective]

Definition of Aggregate:

forming a collection from separate parts

Synonyms of Aggregate:

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Sentence/Example of Aggregate:

For aggregate outcomes, we run millions of simulations using the individual race predictions to derive the range of possible overall outcomes for the electoral college and both chambers of Congress.

After calculating probabilities for each individual House and Senate race, we then turn our attention to predicting the aggregate number of seats we expect the GOP to win and the probability of maintaining control of the House and Senate.

Among the 10 banks with the largest increases, criticized loans rose by 62 percent in aggregate in the second quarter, but criticized commercial real estate loans rose by 144 percent, to $26 billion, according to an analysis by the Financial Times.

Aggregated versions of both data sets will be released to challenge participants, and researchers can request special access to anonymized, de-aggregated versions of the data if they need it.

Thus, they’ve used SherloQ to aggregate their data from phone calls, chats, emails, and organic and paid marketing.

DigiTrust, which IAB Tech Lab sunsetted in June, aimed to improve match rates by aggregating third-party cookies between publishers and vendors in the open web.

There were 20 mergers and acquisitions with an aggregate deal value of $112 million in the period, according to the LUMA Partners data.

“The combination of having trusted journalists on one side — I don’t know an aggregator investing so much in journalists — and technical algorithms which aggregate personal tastes on the other makes us so strong,” said CEO Peter Würtenberger.

While we do occasionally commission polls, most of our understanding of American public opinion comes from aggregating polling data conducted by other firms and organizations.

To them, an individual was an aggregate that “preserved a measure of temporal integrity,” propagating a close-to-maximal amount of information forward in time.