Combined [adjective]

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The friars were exceedingly wroth, and combined to defeat the Generalʼs efforts to come to an understanding with the rebels.

We would classify these two departments in this way, though in the highest dramatic work elements of both phases are combined.

It is combined with these consonant elements in order to invite it forward and bring it to a point (figuratively speaking).

Martinez Camposʼ theme of “political action combined with military force” held no weight.

Whether this aptitude was combined with the sinuous cunning that is essentially Oriental Nigel did not know.

The clerical staff in all the offices had combined and presented a petition in the highest quarter.

At once dignified, solemn, and impressive, it combined every element of grandeur.

It will thus be seen that our average church organ is really made up of three or four smaller organs combined.

This most simple steam-engine combined in the greatest degree the two elements of expansion and momentum.

Hydrochloric acid, which is thus loosely combined with proteids, is called "combined" hydrochloric acid.