Particular [adjective]

Definition of Particular:

exact, specific

Synonyms of Particular:

Opposite/Antonyms of Particular:

Sentence/Example of Particular:

Why the world should have grown cold at that particular moment, we do not know.

I had particular attention paid to Helen's skating on that very account.

Heaven forbid that their conduct, in one particular, should savour of injustice.

We are held by particular bonds of sympathy and common interest with them.

We are not obliged to conform to any particular set of rules.

To be so particular as you require in subjects of conversation, it is impossible to be short.

My uncle Antony presented him to me, as a gentleman he had a particular friendship for.

Do you mean my particular seat, the clerks, or the duties, or all combined?

On this particular night their meeting was unusually impressive.

Inquiries were made as to the health of Mr. Potts' family, and of Mr. Potts in particular.