Distinct [adjective]

Definition of Distinct:

apparent, obvious

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Sentence/Example of Distinct:

This diversity is not neatly divided between distinct species or types but is available to all microbes within the context of symbiotic processes of exchange.

Let’s start with the four distinct types of indexing problems you may encounter.

Early studies, including one looking at particulate matter — distinct from HAPs, but often found with them — have suggested a link.

Researchers linked these fungal communities to distinct collections of metabolites that affect aroma and flavor in the finished wine.

The two distinct screens offer an experience for dual apps that’s a bit smoother and less janky than phones and tablets that let you display multiple apps on a single screen.

Instead of becoming a ball of distinct cells, the insect egg forms a syncytium, a single huge multinucleate cell.

Whether it involves switching to virtual meetings or managing companies remotely, we’ve seen a distinct change in the way we work, and simultaneously in consumer behavior.

The distinct smell only starts when bacteria living on our skin break down the proteins in it.

In a genetic survey of the coyotes of Los Angeles and surrounding natural areas, he and his team found four distinct populations.

Later, as lineages of animals evolved into different phyla with distinct body plans, many of their genes began to disappear, and gene loss continued to be a major factor in evolution thereafter.