Resembling [adjective]

Definition of Resembling:

looking like

Synonyms of Resembling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Resembling:


Sentence/Example of Resembling:

The moon, resembling a crushed orange, is sinking in the Mediterranean.

Cochleatus is from cochlea, a snail, from resembling its shell.

The caps are often large and wavy, resembling yellow cauliflower.

Pseudo-peripteral, resembling, but not really being peristylar.

This time we have not the reluctances expressed in such words as "like" and "resembling."

Lamelliform: made up of or resembling leaves, blades or lamellae.

Pergamenous: thin, partly transparent: resembling parchment.

Vermicular: worm-like, tortuous: resembling the tracks of a worm.

The ether may be considered as resembling, in some respects, a jelly.

Had I been, I should not have felt that I was disgraced by having one resembling you.