Audible [adjective]

Definition of Audible:

able to be heard

Synonyms of Audible:

Opposite/Antonyms of Audible:

Sentence/Example of Audible:

There was a very audible titter in the corner where three thoughtless young girls had squeezed themselves into one rocking-chair.

A muffled sound of voices became audible, and Irvin, following a moment of hesitation, crossed and opened the door.

Voices were audible behind them, and Miss de Lorne was coming up the sandy drive with Mrs. Haughstone.

Two persons were visible in her very physical appearance, as two persons had just been audible in her words.

They had been sitting silent for some minutes when a voice became audible, singing in the distance.

He gave to every syllable the value of a rap and certain words he terminated with an audible snap of his teeth.

She said no more; she gave a scarcely audible sigh; she seemed unsatisfied somewhere.

His eyes alight with hope, he ran out, leaving the door open so that his conversation was again audible to the visitor.

Soon, however, another footstep became audible on the stairs below, and this time Sarah heard it distinctly.

His voice from here would have been clearly audible to them, too, just as she could hear the girls now.