Invisible [adjective]

Definition of Invisible:

unable to be seen; hidden

Opposite/Antonyms of Invisible:

Sentence/Example of Invisible:

One of the effects of the pandemic was to shine a light on millions of citizens who were in fact previously invisible to the government.

Filled in by 400 years of erosion and covered by topsoil and grass, the pre-Columbian earthwork shows up in thermal imaging but is otherwise nearly invisible from above.

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By soaking up almost all light that hits their skin, these fish are almost invisible.

That’s a lightweight particle that has the potential to explain dark matter, an invisible type of matter thought to permeate the universe.

A baseball must pass through an invisible box near the hitter to count as a strike.

We know very little about it, other than it is invisible, it fills the whole universe, and it pushes galaxies away from each other.

On the grandest scales, where the universe noticeably stretches as it expands, the field acts like invisible matter.

Even more staggering is that this whole system, the global supply chain, works so well that it’s effectively invisible most of the time.

The massive global economy we’re living in, on the other hand, is a society of strangers, with little to no feedback and consequences that are invisible—until they’re not.