Inconspicuous [adjective]

Definition of Inconspicuous:

hidden, unnoticeable

Synonyms of Inconspicuous:

Opposite/Antonyms of Inconspicuous:

Sentence/Example of Inconspicuous:

Taking the trouble to keep at a distance, to make himself inconspicuous, seemed almost wasted effort.

Her progress through the house was so inconspicuous and casual that no one noticed her especially.

Consumers stood gray and inconspicuous behind the two rows of uniformed men, silent, unsmiling, like onlookers at an accident.

Until then he had been an inconspicuous unit in the life of the community.

Gray and inconspicuous in coloring, we all know him in the cage; but how different in freedom!

The manager of the restaurant was staring suspiciously at Burckhardt, who sank back in his seat and tried to look inconspicuous.

Once again we find history in the making in an inconspicuous people during an apparently dormant period.

They looked so much richer than the cheque, which would have to be concealed in an inconspicuous envelope.

She had thought of wearing a dark green cloth gown, fur-trimmed, as the most inconspicuous dress she owned.

Its specific name is derived from its habit of covering itself with a coating of earth, and so becoming inconspicuous.