Secretive [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Secretive:

He was not a reserved man, but a secretive, which is quite a different thing.

It was, he supposed, a woman's way to be secretive in such matters, and he must not blame her.

The soul of hospitality leaped from his face, stern and secretive though it was.

His opponent, still with his secretive smile, took up the caster.

"I think I inherited most of his secretive qualities," Shirley continued.

She has a taste for mystery and intrigue, but she is not secretive, she has too much vanity.

He is, I understand, of a very retiring and secretive disposition.

Evidently the passenger was of an economical as well as of a secretive disposition.

He could not help but wonder what the business was, and why Dave was so secretive about it.

You're a secretive animal, Dickie, and you consume your own smoke, don't you?