Hushed [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Hushed:

A good director can make you feel the vibrating summer heat, the hushed tranquility of a winter night, and the deepest feelings of a person who is seemingly nothing like you.

O lady, mine,Hushed now is every path, and few and dimThe lamps that glimmer through the balconies.Thou sleepest!

A murmur ran through the court-room, quickly hushed by the insistent gavel.

The shadow of a dark cloud had fallen upon the woods, and the voices of the birds were strangely hushed.

Every noise was hushed, and one might have heard a bat fly in the somber corridors of the Louvre.

He reported the results before a learned scientific body, but his colleagues were so scandalized that the matter was hushed up.

But he had few jests at present—he was in the inner chambers of the temple of life, and hushed and stilled with awe.

"She should be here," he said, turning to Seth and speaking in a hushed voice without knowing that he did so.

Voices were hushed, and the three stood listening spellbound, to the wonderful impassioned song.

It is almost painful,—the calm before the storm, the hushed stillness before the burst of the tornado!