Noiseless [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Noiseless:

He slipped to the door in turn with a step so noiseless that even Jud wondered.

Behind him with steps as noiseless as his own came the three men to whom he had just given the message.

With noiseless steps lest she awake him, she began to move about the room.

As they slid along, noiseless as shadows, in the moonlight, they came upon a run-way.

Thereupon he slipped off and flew up the stairs with noiseless agility.

It was only the noiseless summer lightning, but the children had never seen it before.

With noiseless steps he walked to the door of the Father's room and listened again.

Thanks to them his footsteps had been noiseless, at any rate.

M'Nab said not a word, but, with noiseless step, stole from the room.

He held his breath while she passed by, noiseless and with heavy eyelids.