Soundless [adjective]

Definition of Soundless:


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Sentence/Example of Soundless:

Then these fell into place, and he was invisible, and soundless as well.

Their approach over the thickly carpeted floor was soundless.

He executed the most intricate passages, yet the wind in the room was soundless.

He found himself in profound accord with this blind and soundless peace.

And the house itself below me and above me was soundless, perfectly still.

Here Paddy retired from the room, doubled in a strong but soundless convulsion.

On and on, soundless; now the pursuer had the advantage over the pursued.

A soundless gasp, a flash of dismay rocked him, but neither was his gasp nor his dismay.

She had turned now and was making for the ladder with the soundless agility of her race.

Wyk fired his weapon, but it missed me, a soundless, dimly-white bolt.