Still [adjective]

Definition of Still:

calm, motionless, quiet

Opposite/Antonyms of Still:

Sentence/Example of Still:

"If you still love Paralus, I wonder you can be so quiet and cheerful," said Eudora.

And still, dearest Philothea, your heart speaks the same language.

Proclus was covered with confusion, but still seemed half incredulous.

His lines were gracefully full, his bearing had still the alertness of youth.

Is that brother of hers you told me about still makin' up to that party?

Still he is well spotted, and them freckles mean iron in the blood.

Still he reflected that he would be unable to get out, and in the morning he could go for the constable.

Still, the thought of the gold in his pockets afforded some satisfaction.

No, I couldn't help it, but still it wouldn't have happened if it had not been in my charge.

He was still exerting his strength to the utmost when the whistle of the locomotive was heard.