Unruffled [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Unruffled:

"I suppose I've jolly well got to take it," said Banstead, unruffled.

The sheriff accepted the invitation with unruffled composure.

But this morning to save his life he could not have appeared as unruffled as usual.

From her first day's labors Elsie returned calm and unruffled.

There was an unruffled assurance about him that was quite perfect, if studied.

But Peter still stood, his hands in his pockets, firm of jaw and unruffled.

Through the port-holes I beheld an unruffled, sun-smitten horizon.

They were calm, direct and as unruffled as though it were the usual order of things.

"Tim's sparking badly about something," says the unruffled Captain Hodgson.

“No; it is my own task, uncle,” returned his niece, with unruffled serenity.