Worried [adjective]

Definition of Worried:

anxious, troubled

Opposite/Antonyms of Worried:

Sentence/Example of Worried:

I got all worried up about him, barely peckin' at a crumb or two.

Suddenly, however, something happened that worried him greatly.

She must never be worried with the slightest inkling of what has happened.

I worried along, however, to get out of that neighborhood as soon as possible.

I worried a lot about it, because, although at first I hated her, now I don't.

I never shall be worried about you so long as I know that he is taking care of you.

He always said a woman should not be worried with such matters, anyway.

The people at Paris, called the Directory, were worried over our condition.

This was food for thought certainly, but it was not what worried him.

I heard yesterday that he was sick again, and it has worried me a good deal.