Frightened [adjective]

Definition of Frightened:

very scared

Opposite/Antonyms of Frightened:

Sentence/Example of Frightened:

Exhausted and frightened, they were forced to decide how to go about saving themselves.

A female investigative journalist was severely harassed and temporarily silenced by such activity, and more recently, a female poet and novelist was frightened and shamed.

The agents sat at a table, across from Tanvir, who was frightened and spoke poor English.

It turned out to be a very big and very frightened stray dog.

“I went into a great passion and frightened my mother into a fit,” said Wardle.

His silence had frightened her: what if he should resent on her the cruel words spoken by Dr. Ashton?

Though frightened to death, I refused to part with my reserve and made ready to go and take command of it at break of dawn.

He went out into the garden, and the rustling of the laurel-bushes frightened him.

The submarine scare is full on; the beastly things have frightened us more than all the Turks and all their German guns.

So with a fearful growl, and a bark that might have frightened a lion, Bravo made a leap and a spring after poor little Downy.