Shivery [adjective]

Definition of Shivery:


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Sentence/Example of Shivery:

But he was cold and shivery, so the children wrapped him up.

She was very cold and shivery, and put on her fur coat and cap.

To Jack it seemed sort of shivery work, being off there alone.

The thermometer was at 79, but I was quite as shivery as they were.

“Why, Hazel dear, you look quite white and shivery,” she said.

The Americans are shivery people, stewing themselves in a bain-marie.

It is too cold for them; they are shivery and become depressed.

Now, the two of you are as cold and shivery as can be, and I doubt not, as hungry also.

The whole place was ghostly, full of shadows, shivery with possibilities.

But Sophia really had a nervous attack, and was shivery and sick with it.