Trembling [verb]

Definition of Trembling:

shake, vibrate

Synonyms of Trembling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Trembling:

Sentence/Example of Trembling:

I received the deputation with a trembling and apprehensive heart.

Pale and trembling, I pointed to the horrible staircase by which we had come.

When she held her in her arms pressed against her breast, she felt that she was trembling.

Monseigneur shook from trembling as he repeated severely the word, "Never!"

When she turned back to the fireplace her hands were trembling.

John took the letter in his trembling fingers and tore it open.

Then close by me, in a low, trembling voice, she returned: "I am here."

I came to this subject with fear and trembling, but he took it quietly.

“He gave it to me,” she murmured, suddenly subdued and trembling.

The clergyman looked round; one of the children was trembling.