Quiver [noun]

Definition of Quiver:

shaking, vibration

Synonyms of Quiver:

Opposite/Antonyms of Quiver:

Sentence/Example of Quiver:

It was a beautiful cameo of Alcibiades, with the quiver and bow of Eros.

She worked as if for dear life, but every quiver of her back told that she was listening.

Not a sound disturbed the oppressive quiet, not the quiver of a twig.

He was erect, pale and handsome, and his words came without a quiver.

There must have been a dimness in his eyes and a quiver to his wide-lipped, generous mouth.

No quiver of arrows was on his back, nor hunting spear at his side.

Bud Hines, in the rear with the others, was in a quiver of excitement.

"I'm willing to do my duty," he said with a quiver in his tone.

He stopped short, and at the sudden roar of the crowd I saw him frown and quiver.

Kirsty's nostrils began to quiver, and her lip rose in a curve of scorn.