Stillness [noun]

Definition of Stillness:


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Sentence/Example of Stillness:

The Sabbath of eternity has shed its stillness along the street.

The stillness that followed was broken only by the Judge's voice.

He listened in a stillness of dread which resembled the immobility of profound attention.

In this way it might be literally possible 'to hear a shadow fall athwart the stillness.'

Suddenly the stillness of the night was broken by the sound of a horn.

There was something horrifying in the single splash, and then the stillness.

In all the house, now, there was no sound, and without there was a stillness only more vast.

Then there came a great stillness in the room—the stillness of all listening years.

Let the stillness of nature fall where there must be stillness!

Through the forest is a great silence, but no stillness at all.