Noiselessness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Noiselessness:

It had the movements of a serpent and the noiselessness of a jungle tiger.

The little Jap was gone with the speed and noiselessness of a mouse.

No Indian who ever lived could have equaled him in swiftness and noiselessness.

He had sighted the sparrow-hawk, and was warily stalking her, hence the noiselessness of his approach.

The effort to raise it cautiously was indicated not by any noiselessness but by the long duration of the sound.

When at last it was fitted and stealthily turned with an attempt at noiselessness, the door refused to yield.

The panel slid upward with a noiselessness that spoke for well-oiled machinery somewhere in the walls.

A mouse ran across the floor, something cracked—a flash of sound flaring up in the noiselessness.

A great many stories have been told about the noiselessness of smokeless powder.

The priestess herself, in her garnet-colored robe, moved about the room with the noiselessness of a shadow.