Censorship [noun]

Definition of Censorship:

forbiddance; ban

Synonyms of Censorship:

Opposite/Antonyms of Censorship:

Sentence/Example of Censorship:

The new central agency was responsible for everything involved in internet regulation, including national security, media and speech censorship, and data protection.

Xi began to rapidly expand the scope of government censorship.

The results are a puppet Parliament, censorship, firm centralization of business activities and finances, and the lack of an independent judicial system.

Studies on this topic have mostly focused on attitudes toward censorship.

The press censorship is a negative evil in London; in Cairo there is no doubt it is positive.

It was the conflict of material interests and the friarsʼ censorship which created the breach between the vicar and the people.

But the merciless excisions of inoffensive passages by the Austrian censorship destroyed the journal in a year.

Adolphe, who arrogates to himself the right of censorship, no longer finds the slightest suggestion to make.

The censorship was more rigid than ever, and Fouch was instructed to stop indiscreet private letters from the army.

The republicans and royalists were so diminished in numbers, and so silenced by the censorship, that they were virtually impotent.