Secrecy [noun]

Definition of Secrecy:


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Sentence/Example of Secrecy:

I don't pretend to understand your game, but you may rely on my secrecy.

He tried to swear Edith and me to secrecy, but we refused to be sworn.

Secrecy was now out of the question and it was well that he was moving thus in the open.

However, I'll take it out, as you wish it, and make the full stop at "secrecy."

Tom and I are trying to solve the mystery, and secrecy is of the greatest importance.

Of course, he swore me to secrecy, and I was foolish enough to give him my promise.

Her reliance on his secrecy, and his tacit acquiescence, increased his distress of mind.

She did not remember that the element of secrecy made the element of sin.

He speedily understood the shortness and secrecy of her visit.

He did not feel angry at his friend's secrecy, but he did feel mischievous.