Enlightening [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Enlightening:

Meyer inverted the traditional hierarchy that placed the customer first, creating a philosophy that he called “enlightened hospitality,” which argued that to make diners happy a business had first to make employees happy.

The book is a critical study of the allegories Americans have lived by for more than two centuries, and how they continue to both enlighten and steer us wrong.

Not even the description of Wilbur had proved very enlightening.

He had been fond of talking to her about it, and enlightening her on some of its leading principles.

Owing to an overcast sky, the view was not a great deal more enlightening than that which we had had from below.

I think there were on the island (now occupied by the statue of Liberty Enlightening the World) about three hundred recruits.

Val felt instantly he was laughing at her for a kind of travesty of Liberty Enlightening the World.

To be made partakers of the Holy Ghost is to be moved by a supernatural enlightening influence.

For last night I went to one of those enlightening film dramas that reveal life as it is.

She learned New York town in human sordid enlightening disciplining ways.