Uplifting [adjective]

Definition of Uplifting:


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Sentence/Example of Uplifting:

The thoughts might be uplifting to Almena, but they did not elevate my spirits.

This uplifting illusion made him inquisitorial and peremptory.

His recollections of city calm and coolness were not uplifting in this emergency.

Her friends, however, felt it was she who gave to them because of her uplifting power.

After all, what is education in the finest sense, but the uplifting of the masses?

There was not much diversion of an uplifting sort in Medora that June of 1884.

It was simply grand; such an uplifting, such a glimpse of the wondrous Now.

It was the uplifting of the veil of illusion that enwraps childhood.

I would like to know, Mrs. Hamilton, if you think we are subjects for uplifting?

The word seemed to contain some beautiful comfort and uplifting.