Disturbance [noun]

Definition of Disturbance:

commotion; upset

Opposite/Antonyms of Disturbance:

Sentence/Example of Disturbance:

The graphic body-camera footage, which Rochester police released Sunday, left city leaders demanding answers for how a family disturbance call quickly escalated into a use of force against a young girl in obvious distress.

We’ll watch the timing of a potentially moisture-starved disturbance moving through.

Sternbeck said members of the department's civil disturbance unit escorted the Capitol-related defendants out the secondary exit.

We will not tolerate any disturbance on board our aircraft or at any of the airports we serve.

Cells also already have a native capacity to keep DNA safe from environmental disturbances.

The resulting disturbances observed in the 2-D sheets of material suggest that the quasiparticles are real.

To avoid such disturbances in future elections, she said, she plans to put trained poll workers outside.

From his perspective, the lab and his friend — assuming they are completely isolated from all environmental disturbances — continue to evolve together quantum mechanically.

That’s partly because qubits are highly sensitive, even to the mildest disturbances, like a glancing photon.

Ecological disturbance—whether from deforestation, natural disasters, or climate change—often puts both people and animals on the move.