Rampage [noun]

Definition of Rampage:

storm, violence

Synonyms of Rampage:

Opposite/Antonyms of Rampage:

Sentence/Example of Rampage:

By this means his numbers were soon recruited, and he was again on the rampage.

All the women in Jenkintown seemed on the rampage, at least all those we are dealing with.

That's a narrow-gauge line, and Clear Creek 's been on a rampage.

Oh, you don't know how I long to go on the rampage sometimes!

It's pretty hard not to shoot out there where men go on the rampage so often.

Over the rampage of the ages wild, came the voice of Mosier to me.

A wild night like this is what starts them on the rampage, I reckon.

This stream is on a rampage and only a powerful man could get to shore.

At the end of the year there is a rampage of present-giving, in which, of course, I had to join.

That's the way you always feel when you see the old Mississippi on a rampage.