Binge [noun]

Definition of Binge:


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Sentence/Example of Binge:

Of course, those nightly Internet binges were not without misdirection.

The past year has shown increases in drug and alcohol use, with women also showing higher rates of binge drinking.

It’s the rare streaming-era show that doesn’t feel padded for binge viewing.

He would watch what he ate and take long walks, only to fall behind on his medication and binge on sleeves of fun-size chocolate bars.

Still, such events are likely to coincide with buying decisions, maybe even some binge shopping.

There was less total damage done to the nerves than a good all-night binge would do to a normal human being.

I thought we were going to discuss this binge and decide what to do and all that sort of thing.

Goes for weeks without touching the stuff, then he goes out on a binge that lasts for a week sometimes.

When this binge is over … when the rehearsal finishes, you know, how about a bite to eat?

Goes on a binge, doesn't show up for work, so they fire him.