Fisticuffs [noun]

Definition of Fisticuffs:


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Sentence/Example of Fisticuffs:

It had been many years since anybody on the Wabash had dared Deacon Klegg to a match in fisticuffs.

He engaged it wildly at fisticuffs; pounded it upon the countenance and drove it away.

Gus leaped up, forgetting the fright after his last fisticuffs.

Some gaming and some drinking, while on the forecastle two men were settling a dispute at fisticuffs.

But the other dropped at the interruption, turned upon Turnbull and began a battering bout of fisticuffs.

David had to smile at the idea of the Mayor and Mr. Chambers engaged in fisticuffs.

It is as though they were on the point of breaking into fisticuffs.

Understand me, Blepyrus—this time it is not a question of fisticuffs or even thrashed ribs.

There were many fisticuffs given in Germany in these grave quarrels, but there was not much bloodshed.

But Mr. Bickford, though trembling with rage, could not bring himself to correlate fisticuffs and dignity.