Fracas [noun]

Definition of Fracas:

disturbance, fight

Synonyms of Fracas:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fracas:

Sentence/Example of Fracas:

For some parents the fracas has served as a reminder of the minefield that teenage girls face on social media and also been a jumping off point for conversations with their teens.

The fracas between Apple and Facebook, which owns Instagram, revolves around advertising data and how it is used on Apple devices.

I think that’s what started the helmet punching extravaganza on the play prior to the fracas.

Fortunately the police then arrived on the scene, and with great difficulty succeeded in putting a stop to the fracas.

They had been watching the fracas, and understood it as little as we did.

He wanted no fracas, and he was still hanging doubtful, measuring the distance between them, when—away went his thoughts.

A trifling affair in itself, this village fracas was to have a lasting effect upon the career of Thomas Borrow.

But that person must have been on the scene also, probably lurking in the shelter of the bungalow and watching the fracas.

Since the other Espinosa brother was killed some weeks ago, I guess that ends that little fracas.

Then a new voice cut into the fracas, and there was the sound of something landing against a skull with a hollow thud.