Scuffle [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Scuffle:

One of my men, who had been wounded in the scuffle, had his hand all bloody.

Courage educated into them at Eton or Rugby, in many a fight and 289 scuffle.

The Admiral's Secretary entered, and saw the scuffle from afar.

In the scuffle Luna was knocked down and shot several times.

He heard a scuffle of feet and she was pulled from the window.

But if you hear anything like a scuffle, you must come when you recognize my voice.

He had not, in all the scuffle, drawn a single drop of blood from me.

I was conscious of the sound of a scuffle somewhere forward.

There was a clatter of arms, followed by the scuffle of feet.

She told about her mother's defiance, about the scuffle, about the firing of the shot.