Fray [noun]

Definition of Fray:

fight, battle

Synonyms of Fray:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fray:

Sentence/Example of Fray:

As the title suggests, Above the Clouds is about Jornet’s lifelong journey to rise above the fray, not just as an elite competitor but as an individual trying to find his moral bearing in a world that pulls him in other directions.

Most of all, Gandhi says, she wants to rise above the fray and inform.

Of course, with Disney, NBCUniversal and ViacomCBS each operating their own ad-supported streamers, and Discovery and WarnerMedia primed to join the fray, the advertisers could simply redirect their dollars within the TV network groups.

Democratic ideologies like free access to news and funding journalism are being flung back and forth in the fray.

Kennedy spoke to Fortune about her decision to enter the political fray, Congress’s need for more lawmakers who understand technology, and her centrist worldview.

Dost turn awayThy eyes, in horror, from the doubtful fray?Ye gods, ye gods.

Lechmere looks anxious for the fray, and I should say from the expression on his face that he has a knife up his sleeve.

After the examination, Wallace observed that the girls had taken advantage of the fray to make their escape.

One room would challenge another, and stripping the covers off their bolsters, would meet in mortal fray.

Fray Antonio, aroused by the approach of danger, quickly seized his rifle, and also got behind the tree.