Truce [noun]

Definition of Truce:

peaceful solution

Synonyms of Truce:

Opposite/Antonyms of Truce:

Sentence/Example of Truce:

The truce of the water was over, but these foes did not meet again that night.

Then a truce for to-day; to-morrow, with your good leave, I enter the lists.

If so, why was it not a little white flag of truce that gave her a right to say "How do you do?"

Michelant considers the truce in question to be that of the year 1340.

It is with these that the pioneers of progress can hold no truce.

A flag of truce was presented, which produced another parley.

I could wonder no longer that they called the truce; and yet, knowing why they called it, what was I to do?

But until then, let there be a truce to—to this, between us.

Nor have the terms of truce been yet devised, on which the despotic ruler may rely with confidence.

The Thebans after that set up a trophy and gave back the bodies under a truce.