Moratorium [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Moratorium:

France, too, suffered in a like way from the paralysing effect of the moratorium.

I don't think the Moratorium was intended to work in this sort of way.

The Bulgarians, by the way, began the war with a moratorium.

There ought to be a sort of moratorium in the matter of social laws.

We therefore resolved to entrench ourselves behind the Moratorium and prepared for a stubborn resistance.

He did not, he felt, understand the working of this moratorium, or the peculiar advantage of prolonging the bank holidays.

Mrs. Fabers in great multitudes hoarding provisions, riotous crowds attacking shops, moratorium, shut banks and waiting queues.

An amusing incident arising out of the moratorium came to light in the course of a lawsuit.

In France the moratorium and immunity from taxation gave a fillip to recklessness.

With the end of the moratorium on November 4, it may be said that the crisis produced by the outbreak of war was over.