Amnesty [noun]

Definition of Amnesty:

pardon, often by government

Synonyms of Amnesty:

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Sentence/Example of Amnesty:

A president who had delivered on nearly everything immigration restrictionists wanted would be replaced by one who supported wide-ranging amnesty, an issue that had never not inspired resistance.

Instead of the expected general amnesty, only a few special pardons were granted.

Later on he voluntarily presented himself to the military authorities, and obtained pardon under the amnesty proclamation.

This was nothing less than the Turkish Revolution of 1908, with its consequent amnesty for all political offences.

Prince Eugne offered amnesty to the insurgents, and the Austrian ministry advised them to cease resistance.

They have issued an amnesty, pardoning even those who have committed the most frightful atrocities upon us.

Emperor Francis Joseph came in person to Milan to proclaim a general amnesty.

Jefferson Davis was indicted for treason; his trial never took place, as President Johnson issued a general amnesty proclamation.

Amnesty, am′nest-i, n. a general pardon of political offenders: an act of oblivion.

At the same time they offered an amnesty to all who had taken part in opposition to the authorities on the 22nd.