Forgiveness [noun]

Definition of Forgiveness:

pardon; end of blame

Synonyms of Forgiveness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Forgiveness:

Sentence/Example of Forgiveness:

Bumpers won’t make your ATV bulletproof, but it will certainly give you some forgiveness and added protection to many of the more vulnerable parts while you’re crashing through the brush.

No one made mention that this forgiveness was individual, not collective.

Instead, the pressure to fuel the economy and meet the requirements of loan forgiveness pushed restaurants into hastily reopening.

Our infrastructure is crumbling and underfunded, the political system favors lobbyists, and the American industrial complex has been conditioned to ask for forgiveness rather than permission when it comes to polluting.

It recently teamed up with ProPublica for high-impact reporting that led to large-scale debt forgiveness in the city.

Espíndola eventually went on national TV to beg forgiveness for partying, for hanging out with men.

And when wine had unselfed my noble father, you received his passionate insults with forbearance and forgiveness!

It is remarkable to find such a story related without any word about sin and forgiveness.

He looked back—looked down—upon former emotions and activities; and hence the confusing alternating of jealousy and forgiveness.

It is as sinners seeking forgiveness that men, however much they may have enjoyed the blessings of the Covenant, perform it.