Impunity [noun]

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They’ve tasted better now and aren’t likely to accept a return to a culture of impunity for sellers and manufacturers of fake goods and contaminated food.

That he shouts this down the street at the marauding policeman’s retreating back, who strides away with self-satisfied impunity, drives home the fact that this isn’t any other restaurant.

As the superintendent of Southwestern College, I was hired by a concerned Governing Board to move the college culture from impunity to accountability, disrespect to respect, inequity to equity and silos to student-centeredness.

The decision to take youth sports teams on the road allows teams to skirt state rules with relative impunity — as long as no one gets sick.

At the same time, the public health department recently announced a plan to overhaul inspections by fostering a more collaborative relationship between facilities and their overseers, a change that critics argue would lead to nursing home impunity.

There are some houses into which one can never enter with impunity, from the want of due ventilation.

He said very truly that long impunity had introduced universal laxity, and had made conspiracy the most attractive of occupations.

Food that one patient could eat with impunity brought out a beautiful eczema or urticaria on another patient.

Widows and orphans well remember the impunity given to the assassins of their loved ones in the name of "concord."

He was remitted to Bedlam, and became an awful warning that God will not always be insulted with impunity.