Exemption [noun]

Definition of Exemption:

freedom from a responsibility

Synonyms of Exemption:

Opposite/Antonyms of Exemption:

Sentence/Example of Exemption:

Newsom has, however, wasted little time signing into law an update to AB 5 that removes a cap on freelance journalism and carves out further exemptions for youth sports coaches, music industry professionals and others.

SeaWorld, in the late ’90s, persuaded voters to allow it to build roller coasters but there has not been an exemption since then.

A new state law has since been passed that exposes doctors who write significant numbers of exemptions to increased scrutiny.

Nonetheless, she wrote the child a permanent exemption for all vaccines.

While South Koreans have cheered BTS’s success, military service exemptions are controversial in a country where issues of inequality and privilege dominate the political debate.

Speaking to the press today, EPA chief Andrew Wheeler said other entities that want to use the product may apply separately for an emergency exemption via their state authorities.

As a result, the company plans to work with other states to seek emergency exemptions allowing SurfaceWise2’s use within their borders, he said.

Morrison had suggested earlier on Wednesday on 3AW, another Australian radio station, that a coronavirus vaccine might be mandatory, saying that medical grounds “should be the only basis” for vaccination exemptions.

There are always exemptions for any vaccine on medical grounds, but that should be the only basis.

There isn’t a recession exemption to a constitutional violation.