Overlooking [verb]

Definition of Overlooking:

disregard, neglect

Synonyms of Overlooking:

Opposite/Antonyms of Overlooking:

Sentence/Example of Overlooking:

That was evidently the crime of crimes, the one offence there was no condoning nor overlooking.

The door was on the other side of the building, overlooking the village below.

It was a lodging-house in Church Street, overlooking the churchyard.

"Nay, that is no answer," he cried, overlooking my offensiveness.

"Taterleg is leaving tonight," he said, overlooking her soft appeal.

Once more, while full of big aims, she was overlooking the little chances.

A signal post is planted on the Morro Castle overlooking the sea.

He was overlooking the valley containing Elfride's residence.

Overlooking the valley the uncle had made himself a bench, by the side of the hut.

Oh, yes, on that great shelf of rock, overlooking the railway station.