Mercilessness [noun]

Definition of Mercilessness:


Opposite/Antonyms of Mercilessness:

Sentence/Example of Mercilessness:

The girl was appalled by the mercilessness of a destiny that had so outraged right.

The mercilessness and cruelty of the Spartans were proverbial.

God will rule the world by justice as long as we rule it by our mercilessness.

Taltavull shrieked for the driver to quicken, and the driver used the butt of his whip-stock with true Southern mercilessness.

Djezzar means butcher: he had well earned this title by the mercilessness of his administration.

In the character of Peter there was a singular compound of magnanimity and of the most brutal insensibility and mercilessness.

It had come with a mercilessness which those who knew him regarded as only to be expected in a man of Pap Shaunbaum's record.

This Weeden owned a woman called "Ceal," who was a standing proof of his mercilessness.

There ran through her a fine vein of mercilessness, but it was without cruelty, it was leavened with both logic and justice.

Slavery has no respect for the affections, as is evinced by the mercilessness with which she sunders every family tie.