Ferocity [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Ferocity:

Again, Belarus compared to Ukraine has a much more pervasive and brutal security service that will crack down with ferocity.

Some peculiar lines between these contracted brows gave a character of ferocity to this forbidding and sensual face.

By this illustration the native ferocity of the eighteenth-century caricaturists is glaringly exemplified.

The eyes had something of the ferocity but also the fidelity of a well-trained watch-dog.

His intensely black eyes, blacker even than the eyes of Coronado, had a stare of absolutely indescribable ferocity.

There was hardly a face among that gang of wild riders which did not outdo the face of Texas Smith in degraded ferocity.

He had a vanity easily lacerated, and he was now too savage to abate the ferocity of his forensic attack.

Disdain for danger, together with ferocity, was depicted on their savage countenances.

There is nothing sinister nor subtle in his visage; the sad ferocity glancing out of some men's eyes is not seen in his.

Finding themselves caught in this manner, the wolves seemed to lose all their courage and ferocity.