Depravity [noun]

Definition of Depravity:

corruption, immorality

Synonyms of Depravity:

Opposite/Antonyms of Depravity:

Sentence/Example of Depravity:

Women are capable of not just of achievement but also of depravity.

And the truth of the depravity of man and his inability to restore himself to God's favour ought to be maintained.

Bonnebault was squint-eyed and his physical appearance did not belie his depravity.

Claude Vignon, the great critic, especially appreciated this woman's intellectual depravity.

That was her idea, I assure you,—my own depravity could suggest nothing more euphonious than Canajoharie.

How deep stained with blood, how reckless in crime, how deep in depravity may it be, and yet remain innocence?

It signifies a state of depravity,—a quality, and not an act,—and never can be properly translated by "adultery" or "fornication."

Jonah, disgusted with the depravity of the inhabitants of Nineveh, flies from the city; but he cannot escape his vocation.

Or would she think it merely another instance of his depravity?

Society thinks that it makes one wiser, and that to know the aspect of depravity does not make one less innocent.