Contamination [noun]

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Similar contamination problems occurred after the Tubbs Fire in Santa Rosa, and in Paradise after the Camp Fire, as E&E News Reports.

San Diego sued the energy company in 2007, claiming the city should recoup over $100 million in damages for the gas contamination.

More mundanely, the signal could come from contamination inside the experiment.

They expected to see roughly 232 of these recoils, caused by known sources of background contamination.

Srubar’s group worked in a lab where contamination is easy to avoid.

There's no need for you to suffer any further contamination by mingling with such persons as are yonder.

Taboos of first chapter indicate that in the early ages the fear of contamination by woman predominated.

Norden, therefore, seems to go too far in giving this as an example of contamination of poetic by rhetoric.

His face was greenish from the effects of the special, contamination resistant mixture that they were breathing.

Likewise, if the persons who do the milking are not clean, the milk is subject to contamination from this source.