Vitiation [noun]

Definition of Vitiation:

dirtiness, contamination

Synonyms of Vitiation:

Opposite/Antonyms of Vitiation:

Sentence/Example of Vitiation:

The phenomena of puerperal fever originate in a vitiation of the fluids.

There is the inefficiency of the syllogism, and also the vitiation produced by its employment.

From remote ages it had been numbered among the elements, though considered liable to vitiation or foulness.

To correct this vitiation, to abolish these disastrous hates and misconceptions, elaborate learning was not needed.

When the atmosphere is vitiated, the oxygenating processes are diminished in ratio to the vitiation.

He had a contempt for cheap and plain belongings, as leaning insensibly to vitiation of taste.

If this be true of news and of its vitiation through the Press, it is still truer of opinions and suggested ideas.

But here again enter error of perspective, and vitiation due to the bias of love.

In Everope is seen the extremity to which the vitiation here mentioned by the great moralist may sometimes be carried.