Decomposition [noun]

Definition of Decomposition:

rot, breakdown

Synonyms of Decomposition:

Opposite/Antonyms of Decomposition:

Sentence/Example of Decomposition:

Unfortunately, that is not legal — yet, unless I want to go to a body farm or a human decomposition facility where they lay me out to study me.

This may have been natron, the mineral used by ancient Egyptians to slow decomposition.

Acetone is derived from decomposition of diacetic acid, and this in turn from beta-oxybutyric acid by oxidation.

(c) Decomposition of exudates anywhere in the body, as in empyema, bronchiectasis, and large tuberculous cavities.

Decomposition sets in rapidly, especially in warm weather, and greatly interferes with all the examinations.

Various substances are always precipitated during decomposition, which may take place either within or without the body.

Its chemical composition is unknown, but it is nitrogenous, and is believed to be produced by the decomposition of gluten.

The rocks of the island are principally calcareous and in a very advanced state of decomposition.

Saw-dust has little value as a manure, as it undergoes decomposition with extreme slowness.

The rapidity of their decomposition is such, that when spread on the land they are seen to soften and disappear in a short time.