Dissipation [noun]

Definition of Dissipation:

amusement, entertainment, occasionally to excess

Synonyms of Dissipation:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dissipation:

Sentence/Example of Dissipation:

William Thomson may have inadvertently set people thinking in the wrong way when he spoke about universal dissipation of mechanical energy.

Kelvin, the first to recognize its significance, called it “a universal tendency in nature to the dissipation of mechanical energy.”

So the chemical dissipation is accelerating toward a likely outcome, which is that I have more bacteria in my future than I had in my past.

I met with a ludicrous instance of the dissipation of even latter days, a few months after my marriage.

M. Phlippon now began to advance more rapidly in the career of dissipation.

Her father now began to advance with more rapid footsteps in the career of dissipation.

His countenance showed marks of dissipation, for he was a heavy drinker, and this served to further brutalize his nature.

My serious turn and studious habits have preserved me alike from the follies of dissipation and from the bustle of intrigue.

From habits of gaiety and dissipation, she became suddenly grave and pious, and was distinguished by very extensive charities.

With them the body has worn out the soul, the senses have burned up the heart, dissipation has blunted the feelings.